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One Stop Source for Detergent
We offer products for inbay touchless and brush automatics, and self-service car washes.  Ozark also has a full line of detergents for tunnel operations.

All Ozark products have S2 surfactant technology.  S2 technology allows  the car wash operator to use less product without reducing cleaning ability.  S2 Technology = Superior Cleaning for Less Money!

Special freight rates are available on purchases of 2,000 pounds.  Your purchase may qualify for free shipping. 

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In Bay Automatics & Self-Service

Presoaks & Washes

Ozark Liquid Wash is a premium high pressure detergent designed to remove dirt and road film from car, van, truck, box truck, and semi fleets. It is safe on paint, glass, and even polished aluminum (when used properly). It gives great foam with a pleasant tropical fruit fragrance in the wash bay. With new S2 Technology, this product not only outperforms other fleet wash detergents, it also improves your bottom line. Ozark Liquid Wash is non-acid and biodegradable.

Ozark Presoak is a 90:1 presoak.  This concentrated product can double as a presoak and high-pressure wash in automatics and self-service bays. 

Ozark Presoak A is a low pH presoak hat is excellent at removing red clay, road salts and water spotting from every surface of the car.  Ozark Presoak A does not contain hydrofluoric acid, will not etch glass, and can be used on chrome and aluminum wheels.

Ozark Citric Acid Presoak is an exceptional acid presoak.  Use this product to avoid the negative hazards associated with using traditional hydrofluoric presoak.  Ozark Citric Acid Presoak is biodegradable, and when neutralized, is safe for disposal in most municipalities.

Ozark OrangeOzark Orange is a concentrated powdered detergent that relies on Sodium Tripoly Phosphate as its main building block. It is excellent for “breaking” soil and not allowing the soil to redeposit on the surface of the car. Our S2 surfactant technology is an excellent emulsifier that encapsulates the soil and allows for superior rinsing. This concentrated powder is safe on vehicle surfaces and can be diluted up to 2000:1.  Ozark Orange is biodegradable and non-hazardous.

Conditioner & Foam Brushes

Ozark Bug & Prep Treatment will loosen bugs, penetrate dirt, and help remove road film and window masking.  Ozark Bug & Prep Treatment is non-acid and biodegradable.

Foam Bath

Ozark Foam Bath is a premium, high foaming product that gives rich foam and is an exceptional lubricant for friction washes and foam brush systems.  This friction detergent is blended using our superior S2 surfactant technology that produces appealing and pleasing foam.

Ozark Foam Brush is a premium, high foaming product that gives rich foam. We add detergent to our blend for additional customer satisfaction. Ozark Foam Brush can be used in self-service foam brushes or guns.

Ozark Foaming Conditioner comes in Red, Blue, and Gold Foam.  Our conditioner contains detergent and wax that help protect the vehicles finish.


Ozark Protectant is great for quick drying of vehicles in self-service, automatic, or tunnel wash systems.  If you prefer a product with carnauba wax try Ozark Protectant +C.


Ozark Foam Wax Tri Foam gives a rich foam, and brilliant color. Ozark Foam Wax rinses well in the automatic bay and is a must for triple foam guns in the self-service. Blue, Red, and Gold are color offerings.

Wheel Cleaners

Ozark Wheel works on both tires and wheels.  Ozark wheel will whiten whitewalls, clean dirt from tires and easily remove brake dust from wheels.

Fragrance & Shampoo

Fragrance Ozark Fragrance is a colorless and non-staining product that can be used in most fragrance machines.  We offer Wild Cherry, Black Ice, Pina Coloda, Cinnamon, New Car, and Vanilla.  This is a non-freezing product that can be used year round.

Ozark Foaming Carpet Shampoo can extend carpet life by removing grit and grime, remove odors, leaves a pleasant sent after use.  We offer Ozark Foaming Carpet Shampoo in dry or wet foam for use in summer or winter.

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